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European Commission releases EU Reference Scenario 2016

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The European Commission has released its latest outlook on energy, transport and emission projections "the EU Reference Scenario 2016". 


The EU Reference Scenario is one of the European Commission's key analysis tools in the areas of energy, transport and climate action. It is updated regularly as it projects the impact of current EU policies on energy and transport trends as well as changes in the expected amount of greenhouse gas emissions. The Reference Scenario provides projections for indicators, such as the share of renewable energy sources or levels of energy efficiency, on a five-year period up until 2050 for the EU as a whole and for each EU country. It allows policy makers to analyse the long-term economic, energy, climate and transport outlook based on the current policy framework and provides a benchmark against which new policy proposals can be assessed.


The new feature for 2016 is available to help explore the energy, transport and greenhouse gas emissions outlook for the years ahead. Read more here