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Expert Talks - Sylvain Kubicki, Senior Research and Technology Associate at LIST

EXPERT TALKS is a new initiative from BUILD UP. In the form of face-to-face interviews, experts coming from all around Europe and covering the field of Energy Efficiency in buildings from different perspectives will...

Check the link to watch the full interview! For the 4th edition of our Expert talks series, we had the opportunity to interview Sylvain Kubicki, Senior Research and Technology Associate at LIST - Luxembourg Institute of...

Webinar | CREATE project: Save energy today and tomorrow

This webinar will take place on the 2th of June, from 12.00 to 13.30. 

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The first global energy storage conference held in Paris in 2014 concluded that to achieve the European goal of energy-neutral built environment in 2050, harvesting, converting and storing seasonal energy is essential. The 2020 climate and...

SocialWatt capacity building workshop - On line

Energy poverty is broadly understood as the inability of households to afford basic energy services to guarantee a decent standard of living. Under Article 7 of the Energy Efficiency Directive (2012/27/EU), EU countries must set up an...

OVERVIEW | Supporting EU building stock transformation by fostering market players’ skills

Skills development in the building sector: what are the challenges? Over the last few years, the construction industry and the building sector as whole has seen a slow implementation of new skills, which have not developed evenly across...

eTeacher Newsletter #4

Empowering Energy Education

#4 newsletter is out!   Contents included are: Articles Rebound behaviours, nudges, competition: energy saving is a matter of mindset Nudging energy saving behaviours   News #eTEACHERatHOME: tips to...

Webinar | Renovation wave in Europe: how to equip building professionals with future-proof skills?

This webinar will take place on the 28th of May, from 12.00 to 13.30. 

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About this Webinar   The ‘European Green Deal’ Communication presented in December 2019 calls upon the EU and the Member States to engage in a ‘renovation wave’ of public and private buildings. A key enabler of such a...

Climate Change Simulator ‘En-ROADS’

The En-ROADS Climate Solutions Simulator is a climate simulation tool for understanding and learn on how to achieve climate goals through changes in energy, land use, consumption, agriculture, and other policies. The simulator focuses on...

Green Homes Solutions – Webinar Series

This free webinar series showcases a range of services, technologies and materials that can assist in creating high quality, energy efficient, green homes. The series will run on Wednesdays at 1pm for four weeks. See schedule below:  ...