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REHVA Journal Issue 02/2017

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The REHVA Journal April 2017 issue on QUALICHeCK, Compliance and Quality of Works, New Test Facility at Delft University of Technology and Konya Tropical Butterfly Garden is now available online at REHVA.



04   Compliance and quality of the works
Peter Wouters


05   The QUALICHeCK International Workshop on Transmission Losses
François Rémi Carrié and Paula Wahlgren

09   Renewable heating and cooling systems: compliance of product data and quality of installations
Susanne Geissler and François Durier

13   Quality Assurance for energy-efficient Construction and Retrofitting
Heike Erhorn-Kluttig, Linda Lyslow and Hans Erhorn

16   Can BIM be a disruptive technology for EPC assessment?
Peter Wouters,François Durier and Bart Ingelaere

19   The smartness indicator
Peter Wouters and Jens Laustsen

23   Highlights from QUALICHeCK webinars
Alexander Deliyannis

26   Overview of QUALICHeCK Factsheets
Alexander Deliyannis

28   Activities of the QUALICHeCK platform
Peter Wouters

29   SenseLab: a genuine playground for the senses!
Philomena M. Bluyssen

33   Butterfly Conservatory HVAC Design Strategy in Continental Climate
Ercan Agar, Ufuk Selvi and Utku Başyazici

37   Analysis of performance metrics for data center efficiency – should the Power Utilization Effectiveness PUE still be used as the main indicator? (Part 2)
Tom van de Voort, Vojtech Zavrel, Ignacio Torrens Galdiz and Jan Hensen

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