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Smart GEMS Webinar recording | Joint Webinars: Two case studies of smart ZEB (by AEA-Loccioni Group) & The ZEB buildings technology market (by IDEA)

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4th Webinar - Two case studies of smart ZEB: the LEAF House & the LEAF Lab organised by AEA / Loccioni Group


The Leaf House and Leaf Lab were presented as they constitute a best practice Smart Residential Building and the first connective industrial building in EU respectively. The structural and operational facilities of both buildings were highlighted. The Leaf House, comprised of 6 apartments, is south-facing with a very low U-value building envelope, has solar tubes for lighting. Systems installed include 20kW PV with 5.8kWh electric storage, solar thermal panels, rain water collecting and treatment system, geothermal heat pumps, hot water storage and air handling unit with natural preconditioning. The Leaf House is an open laboratory with the following types of sensors:

  • indoor comfort  (temperature, humidity, CO2)
  • thermal and electrical measures
  • energy consumption
  • rain water level

Building controls in the Leaf House apartments consist of touch screens allowing tenants to adjust the desired temperature, switch lights, monitor energy consumption, check if windows and doors are open etc.

The Leaf Lab is a high-performance productive building constructed to be in harmony with the surrounding environment. Architectural and engineering design parameters allow for comfort of people while working and low management costs. The initial investment was just about 20% higher compared to conventional industrial constructions. The Leaf Lab has a total area of 6000 m2 and annual energy consumption of just 4kWh/m3. It is independent of natural gas and classified as A+ with regards to its energy efficiency. Systems installed comprise a rooftop PV 235kWp, electric and thermal storage systems, free and natural cooling systems, ground water pumps, advanced lighting systems etc. All systems are integrated and controlled through “MyLeaf: a proprietary Building Energy Management System¨ created by AEA / Loccioni Group.  



5th Webinar - The ZEB buildings technology market organised by IDEA


The 5th webinar in the context of the Smart GEMS project involved the main technologies for energy harvesting, storage and conversion in ZEB together with their maturity level and market perspective. Various technologies along with key technology market issues such as downscaling, flexibility, integration and cost in the following categories were presented:

  • solar thermal collectors
  • photovoltaic collectors
  • wind turbines
  • biomass digestors and burners
  • geothermal systems
  • microhydroelectric
  • micro cogenerators
  • fuel cell
  • energy conversion HVAC systems
  • intelligent Lighting
  • electric and thermal storage
  • control systems and smart appliances