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Smart GEMS Webinar recording | Joint Webinars: From innovation to final product in enterprise (by UBRUN) and Innovation in smart metering (by Elgama)

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13th Webinar: From innovation to final product in enterprise presented by UBRUN


In this webinar, UBRUN described the transition of innovative concepts to final product in enterprise via active collaboration between academia and industrial sections. The webinar contents are summarised below:

- The bottleneck of the blue sky research

- Industry vs academia perspectives

- Successful pathway for collaboration

- Case study 1: GEMSTONE technology

- Case study 2: Detection, Prediction and Visualisation of Distant Volcanic Ash using GPS

- Conclusion



14th Webinar: Innovation in smart metering presented by Elgama


In this webinar, Elgama presented the key innovative drivers for smart metering which are market drivers (which addressed the technical progress that has been achieved to meet customers’ expectation, optimisation of price driven by market competition, marketing strategy, and product aesthetics), European Parliament and Council legal directives drivers, and social drivers which are pertinent to attracting specialists in the continuous innovation of smart meters. The webinar contents are summarised below:

- Elgama Elektronika in numbers

- Smart meter product roadmap

- Progress in metering devices

- Eco-design project (2006)

- Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)

- Kaliningrad project «Янтарьэнерго»

- Pilot project in Astana (Kazakhstan)

- Pilot project«PALMA»in Latvia (2013)

- Substation pilot project in Latvia (2016)

- Smart Metering pilot in Greece (2017)

- Pilot project in Lithuania (2017)

- From simple to advanced functionality

- Technology innovation

- What is next? NB-IOT