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ECTP and the Polish Regions sign a Letter of intent to develop energetically positive, sustainable and citizens-friendly cities

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In the context of the European Bioeconomy Congress 2017, which took place on 20-21 November in Lodz, Poland, a Letter of Intent was signed between the Polish Regions Lubelskie, Lodzkie, Małopolskie, Opolskie, Pomorskie, Świętokrzyskie and the European Construction Technology Platform (ECTP) in order to develop energetically positive, sustainable and citizens-friendly cities.


This is in line with the objectives and actions of ECTP, founded in 2004, which aims at the long-term provision throughout Europe of a high quality sustainable built environment, to the largest number of citizens, with the lowest environmental impact. This ambition is tackled in ECTP by driving innovation and change through research integration and demonstration, informing and influencing research and innovation investment in Europe, and supporting collaboration and the appropriate mobilization of expertise in the Built Environment. As such, ECTP supports the development of sustainable cities and communities, energy efficient buildings and competitive construction industries in Europe, also bridging the research and innovation gaps within EU by promoting synergies with the European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF).


Τhe European Bioeconomy Congress 2017 was the fifth edition of this International Congress, which is the first scientific and economic initiative in Poland where representatives of the scientific world, business, self-government administration and state institutions can meet to discuss the challenges of bioeconomy.


The project is co-financed by the European Union within the European Regional Development Fund and from the budget of the Local Government of the Lodz Region. It aims to support and develop entrepreneurship, promote the concept of bioeconomy and its development at the local level and to involve industry in the value chain of bio-economy, pay attention to the development of biocommunity, cooperation between regions developing the concept of bioeconomy (with special focus on Central and Eastern Europe), developing synergies in the "Research and Innovation Strategy" (RIS3) oriented regions and sharing experiences among decision-makers, Academic institutions and business.