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Temuco SBE 19 : Sustainable built: Urban planning, global problems, local policies

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Temuco city, located in the South of Chile, will become the host of one of the regional SBE conferences in the framework of the realization of the SBE Series 18-20.


The event encourages professionals, experts and academics to participate either exhibiting their research papers or attending to the conference, in order to promote a fruitful interchange; as well as students from different fields are also welcomed to be part of this opportunity, as they are the coming generation who proactively researches on sustainable built and environmental issues.


The conference also endeavors to facilitate the dialog, exchange of thought and practices on critically relevant issues to the undergoing climate change among practitioners and stakeholders, in order to enable an approach on a global scale to the challenge that lies ahead.

Universidad Católica de Temuco, Chile is delighted to announce the upcoming SBE19 Temuco conference titled “Sustainable built: Urban planning, global problems, local policies”, which will be held at the University’s facilities from the 16th to the 18th of October 2019.




-Climate Change and the built environment


-Cultural Sustainability


-Public Spaces and Life Quality/Case studies


-A Sustainable Approach to Landscape and Infrastructure


-Public Policies Towards Sustainability


-Circular Economy and Resource Management


-Environmentally Efficient Building Materials and Products/ Case studies


-Renewable Energies and Clean Energy / Energy Qualification and Certification /Case studies


-Education for Sustainable Development


The purpose of this event is to bring together environment, sustainable built environment, urban planning, infrastructure and climate change experts, professionals, and entrepreneurs, consultants, and providers, and academics, and students, as well as experts in local adaptation planning.


The main aim of the conference is to allow participants to increase their knowledge and skills on sustainable built environment, construction and building problems, and contribute to local development in associated subjects, with special emphasis on reducing climate change effects.


…Your participation will make of this event unique as well as provide an enormous contribution.

Universidad Catolica de Temuco
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