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REVALUE project final report: The value of energy efficiency

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The stated aim of the H2020-funded REVALUE project was “to lead the development of appraisal norms and standards that recognise the value of energy efficiency in social and private residential real estate.” The project ran for an extended period from 2015 until 2019 and utilised a number of research methods; it also sought to interface not only with some other projects working in similar areas but with the key stakeholder groups whose actions are instrumental – or could be – in helping achieve the ambition of a far more energy-efficient residential rented stock in Europe.


This final report does not attempt to detail all the project results; instead, it seeks to synthesise the major elements of the work into a set of findings. It goes on to detail the implications of these findings for the main stakeholder groups. Finally, it presents a reflection on the journey the research team has undertaken over the period of the project and draws some overarching conclusions.