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In view of the uncertain evolution of the current pandemic, the restrictions to international mobility and the ongoing risks associated to large events, the PLEA 2020 local Organising Committee has agreed, with the PLEA Board and the International Advisory Committee to celebrate the Conference online, during the same dates: 1-3 September 2020.

Planning Post Carbon Cities


The 35th PLEA Conference, organised from the University of A Coruña, will be an online Conference and would take place between the 1st and 3rd of September, 2020. Don't miss the chance to be part of it!


PLEA Association is an organization engaged in a worldwide discourse on sustainable architecture and urban design through annual international conferences, workshops and publications. It has created a community of several thousand professionals, academics and students from over 40 countries. Participation in PLEA activities is open to all whose work deals with architecture and the built environment, who share our objectives and who attend PLEA events. 

PLEA stands for “Passive and Low Energy Architecture”, a commitment to the development, documentation and diffusion of the principles of bioclimatic design and the application of natural and innovative techniques for sustainable architecture and urban design. 

PLEA serves as an open, international, interdisciplinary forum to promote high quality research, practice and education in environmentally sustainable design.

PLEA is an autonomous, non-profit association of individuals sharing the art, science, planning and design of the built environment.

PLEA pursues its objectives through international conferences and workshops; expert group meetings and consultancies; scientific and technical publications; and architectural competitions and exhibitions.


Since 1982 PLEA has organized international conferences across the globe at regular intervals. PLEA annual conferences are highly ranked conference attracting academia and practicing architects in equal numbers. Past conferences have taken place in United States, Europe, South America, Asia, Africa and Australia. 

This is the first time since 1991 that a PLEA conference is held in Spain. PLEA 2020 is organized by the University of A Coruña. The theme of PLEA 2020 is Planning Post Carbon Cities and will explore the interplay between research, technology and design in defining and planning future cities. It is the aim of the conference to bring together designers, academics, researchers, students, and professionals in the pursuit of better and more sustainable environments.




Planning Post Carbon Cities


The 20th century has been the age of cities. They have experienced their biggest growth in history. Planetary urbanization has been fuelled by industrial development, which induced a radical shift in the relation between humankind and the environment. While cities became symbols of progress and welfare they also portrayed poverty, deprivation, pollution and an extreme voracity. 

Most of the available energy and natural resources are being currently consumed to develop and sustain urban activities; not least the operation of buildings, mobility and industrial production.  Moreover, nearly 80% of the energy produced worldwide is extracted from fossil fuels such as oil or gas. The growing awareness about the effects of the carbon economy, both at global and local scale, has encouraged the exploration of cleaner and cheaper energy alternatives.  


​A paradigm shift is on the horizon as post-carbon cities are turning a realistic outlook which offers unprecedented challenges and opportunities. It is now time to focus on the cities we want in the future, to construct utopian visions in which urban progress is based on ecology, equality and wellness.

The PLEA 2020 Conference will look into the interplay between research, technology and design in defining and planning future cities, with special attention to the following topics and sub-topics:

  • Sustainable Buildings (energy efficient buildings, health and wellbeing, material technology, vernacular and refurbishment)
  • Resources (renewable energies, technologies, circular economy, nature based solutions, urban metabolism)
  • Resilient and Extreme Design (adaptation, self-sufficiency, relief, urban climate, climate change, vulnerability, risk management)
  • Sustainable Communities (urban climate, outdoor comfort, mobility, walkability, planning and policies, culture and society, future city visions, green infrastructure)
  • Analysis and Methods (simulation and design tools, surveying and monitoring methods)
  • Education, Awareness and Dissemination (architectural training for sustainability, professional development, sustainable initiatives and environmental activism)


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