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iBRoad webinar 2020/04/23 – How can EU Member States implement iBRoad?

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The webinar aims at providing a summary of the essential aspects that should be taken into account when replicating iBRoad across Europe. Deliberate efforts are required to scale up the concept into a widely accepted instrument, to benefit more people while at the same time anchoring renovation policies and programmes to a long-term perspective. During the webinar, we will unpack the challenges and enablers for successful design and implementation, and briefly unfold guiding steps to a feasibility study. Moreover, an outline of the concrete measures to be taken to implement the iBRoad in a specific country will be presented.



  • 11.00 Welcome - Alice Corovessi, INZEB
  • 11.05 The iBroad at a glance - Alexander Deliyanis, Sympraxis Team
  • 11.15 An overview of the critical aspects to be considered - Vivian Dorizas, BPIE
  • 11.30 Guidelines for the implementation of iBRoad - Peter Mellwig, ifeu
  • 11.45 Q&A Session
  • 12.00 End of webinar


To register, simply send an e-mail to contact@ibroad-project.eu with the subject “Attend iBRoad project Webinar 2020/4/23”. You will receive a confirmation within 24 hours.