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Country Focus: National Heating and Cooling Transitions Across the EU (EHP - Webinar Series)

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EHP - Webinar Series

Country Focus: National Heating and Cooling Transitions Across the EU

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10 June 2020  -  14:00-15:00


EU frameworks may be essential, but they only work if they are complemented by national measures. Learn more through this EuroHeat & Power Webinar on decarbonisation strategies in Member States.


Join this webinar organized by EuroHeat and Power on June 10; 14:00 – 15:00. Registration link available here.


Background: EU Member States have been working on the implementation of the Energy Package, adopted between the end of 2018 and early 2019. Revised 2030 targets for renewables, energy efficiency and GHG emissions reduction will drive the energy sector, and heating cooling, towards more sustainability. As part of this new framework, EU Member States had to deliver National Energy and Climate Plans (NECPs) where they present, in a new integrated manner, their climate and energy objectives and measures, to the European Commission. In addition, the Energy Efficiency Directive foresees Member States to carry out a comprehensive assessment of the potential for efficient heating and cooling, by December 2020.


The webinar will explore the role of heating and cooling in Member States’ decarbonisation strategies. Our 3 speakers and moderator will discuss the transition in their respective countries, highlighting common challenges and concrete measures to advance decarbonisation. 


You can also check the other webinars of this series here, focusing on a wide range of topics, sharing knowledge and debate about the next steps in the recovery from the crisis and the ongoing energy transition.

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