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EUSEW session on the Renovation Wave and recovery

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Next Tuesday 23rd June from 14:30 – 15:45 and as part of the EUSEW policy conference, DG-ENER is organising a session on “Boosting the European Green Deal renovation wave - a centrepiece of the Green Deal and an engine for recovery – How the Renovation Wave can help in the recovery process and ensure the EU can achieve its climate and energy objectives”.


The aim of the session is to present the Renovation Wave initiative, how it can help in the recovery process and ensure the EU delivers on its climate and energy objectives. With the buildings sector being the largest energy consumer, through regulatory and financial support the Renovation Wave initiative will aim to at least double current renovation rates.


The first part of the session will introduce the core aspects of the Renovation Wave initiative. This will be complemented by presenters giving the EU, national, local and stakeholder perspective. The second part of the session will concentrate on synergies with closely related work lead by other DGs in particular on skills, the sustainable built environment and finance. 


If you wish to follow the session online, please do not forget to register (if you don’t register you won’t be able to join the session online).