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MOBISTYLE dasboard

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Credits: H2020 project MOBISTYLE

The MOBISTYLE dashboard is a tool that allows different kind of users to receive information about the buildings they interact with, through specific authentication. The buildings connected to MOBISTYLE are sensorized as groups of sensors had been installed according to the parameters that the experts suggested to monitor and analyse.


The dashboard aims to raise the awareness on energy consumption by providing intuitive and personalized data and key performance indicators to the building users, in order to motivate a behavioural change stimulating a reduction of the energy use and the indoor environmental quality improvement.


Each entity, - being an “entity” a room, a building, an apartment, an appliance, a person, - becomes a “sensorized entity” in MOBISTYLE. They are related to the demo cases (for now Slovenia and Italy and in the future for new customers), where building users have a possibility to decide which information can be shown to them and how: Energy usage, indoor environmental quality, health related parameters, appliances usage, etc. Information can be given through simple data monitoring, historical trend analysis, specific widgets or ad hoc suggestions.


According to the monitored data, the dashboard provides a general indication on the quality of the measured value with a graphical indication. As a further step, in the page “Suggestion”, the dashboard provides a series of practical indications to improve the conditions in terms of both energy consumptions and Indoor Environmental quality.


The dashboard is available in two versions, one for desktop access from a computer and one as a mobile phone APP. The presented information, the structure and the widgets, are the same for both. Nevertheless, it proved that the possibility for users to use different devices improves their experience.


The dashboard can be downloaded from Google Drive, here the link for the access, while on the MOBYSTYLE website is possible to have access to more details.