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7th International Conference on Environment and Renewable Energy

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2021 7th International Conference on Environment and Renewable Energy (ICERE 2021) is the premier forum for the presentation of new advances and research results in the fields of theoretical, experimental, and applied Environment and Renewable Energy.


The conference will bring together leading researchers, engineers and scientists in the domain of interest from around the world.


2021 7th International Conference on Environment and Renewable Energy (ICERE 2021) will be held during March 26-28, 2021 in Shandong University, Qingdao, China.


ICERE 2021 is organized by Shandong University, assisted by Xiamen University of Technology, South-South Collaborative and Sustainable Development Center and International Society for Environmental Information Sciences (ISEIS), Shandong University of Technology, Institute for Energy, Environment Sustainable Communities (IEESC), Hong Kong Chemical, Biological & Environmental Engineering Society (HKCBEES), Environment and Agriculture Society (EAS).


Shandong University, under the direct jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education, is a key comprehensive university with a long history, a variety of disciplines, strong academic strength, and distinctive characteristics. It has gained great influence both in China and internationally.

Shandong University is a member of Project 211 and Project 985, two national key construction projects to support the development of high-quality universities.


Shandong University is comprised of eight campuses (Jinan Central Campus, Hongjialou Campus, Baotuquan Campus, Qianfoshan Campus, Software Park Campus, Xinglongshan Campus, Qingdao Campus and Weihai Campus) in three different cities (Jinan, Qingdao and Weihai), and covers an area of over 533 hectares (including the 200 hectares of the Qingdao Campus).


Website of Shandong University (Qingdao) 


CBEES Association Website:


Topics of the Conference include:


Session A: Energy Science and Technology


  • (01) Development and Utilization of Solar Energy
  • (02) Development and Utilization of Biomass Energy
  • (08) Energy Materials
  • (10) Energy Security and Clean Use
  • (12) Energy-efficient Lighting Products and Technologies
  • (13) Green Building Materials and Energy-saving Buildings
  • (14) Energy Equipment

Session B: Environmental Science and Engineering


  •  (16) Environmental Materials
  • (18) Environmental Planning and Assessment
  • (19) Environmental Analysis and Monitoring
  • (22) Waste Disposal and Recycling
  • (24) Noise and Vibration Control
  • (25) Clean Production Process
  • (27) Architectural Environment & Equipment Engineering

Session C: Motivation, Electrical Engineering and Automation


  • (34) Engineering Thermophysics
  • (35) Thermal Engineering
  • (38) HVAC, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration
  • (39) Power System and Automation
  • (44) Smart Grid Technologies
  • (45) Power System Management
  • (46) Manufacturing Automation
  • (47) Design Automation
  • (48) Precision Automation
Shangdong University, Qingdao
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