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You need all 6 pieces of the puzzle to build urban resilience, but too often it’s politics that leaves a gap

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Greg Brave/Shutterstock Aysin Dedekorkut-Howes, Griffith University; Elnaz Torabi, Griffith University et Michael Howes, Griffith University With most of the world’s people now living in urban areas, the coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the importance of urban resilience.


It’s just as important for adapting to climate change. Put simply, resilience is the ability of a system, in this case a city, to cope with disruption.


This involves either avoiding, resisting, accommodating or recovering from its impacts. Our research, recently published in the journal Urban Research and Practice, examined two coastal Australian cities, the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast.


Our aim was to identify ways to improve urban resilience to coastal climate hazards.


We found the political aspect of resilience is


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