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4RinEU Deep Renovation Game

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Credits: 4RinEu project

4RinEU launches an online game to teach young students the benefits of deep energy renovation.


This educational game has been designed to engage with citizens and, ultimately, drive behavioural change in their communities. What does deep energy renovation mean? How can I manage the budget to renovate my home? What are the most suitable technologies? Play with us and find out!


The tool is based on simulations of the energy performance of a single-family house before and after the renovation. Secondary school students can either play alone of try it in class with their teachers and friends. The game offers a great starting point to discuss about energy efficiency and how the choices we make at home may have an impact on the environment …and on our wallet!


You will begin by having a budget of 100,000 coins in your bank account and a house to renovate in a specific location or geographic context (and with it, the climate). Then you will be put through two main steps:


  • You may improve the aesthetics and/or the functionality of your house – but be careful since your budget is limited!
  • You may improve the energy aspects of your home – but since your invested money is limited, you may want to re-think how your choices impact (or affect) environment.

The results will let you know how well you did, in terms of money, in terms of comfort and… how happy is the environment about your choices?


4RinEU Deep Renovation Game is available in three languages (English, Italian and German).


Access the game here. Original news source here.

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