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Renewable energy 2010

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The Renewable Energy 2010 addresses research and development of renewable energy and energy saving through the regular meetings and exhibitions, bringing together representatives of all those involved in the supply, distribution, consumption, development of energy sources at every fields of business, industry, academia, government, and civil. The slot of areas to discuss and take presentation is composed of 12, such as policy, photovoltaics, solar thermal, low energy architecture, wind, biomass, hydrogen and fuel cell, ocean energy, geothermal, advanced power system, heat utilization and energy efficiency, small hydro and non-conventional energy.

[Area Chairs : Dr. Makoto Akai (AIST)]
Scenario; Policy Instruments; National Actions; Financing; CDM; Regulatory Issues; R&D Policy; Energy Technology road map; International cooperation; International collaboration

[Area Chair: Dr. Shigeru Niki (AIST)]
Fundamentals; Novel materials and Devices; Crystal Silicon Solar Cells and Modules; Thin Film Silicon Solar Cells and Modules; II-IV Thin Film Solar Cells and Modules; III-V Solar Cells; Modules and Space Applications; Terrestrial Systems; Applications and Reliability; System/ Grid/ Inverter

[Area Chair : Prof. Atsushi Akizawa (TUAT)]
Solar thermal collector;Solar based heat pump technology;
Solar-fired power generation; Thermal energy storage;
Solar-thermally driven chemical processes; Solar thermal utilization for hydrogen production; Solar desalination

[Area Chair : Prof. Mitsuhiro Udagawa (Kogakuin Univ.)]
Green Building; Passive/Bioclimatic Architecture; Zero Energy Buildings; Comfort and Indoor Climates; Elements and Materials; Improvement and Activation; Evaluation; Simulation

[Area Chair : Prof. Takeo Maeda (Mie Univ.)]
Wind Power National Program and Overview;Planning, Wind
Resources and Forecasting; Technology and Development; Offshore Wind Power; Small and Hybrid Wind System; Grid Connection; Environmental Issues; Trading; Marketing and Social Issues

[Area Chair : Dr. Kinya Sakanishi (AIST)]
Bioethanol; Biofuel; Biomaterials; BDF; Gasification; BTL; Pyrolysis; Anaerobic Digestion; Carbon Neutrality; Forestry, Sustainability

[Area Chair : Dr. Etsuo Akiba (AIST)]
Technology and Fabrication; Fuel Cell Power Plants; Fuel Cell for Transportation; Fuel Cell for Co-generation; Hydrogen Production; Hydrogen Supply and Storage; Hydrogen End-Use Technology; Hydrogen Energy Systems

[Area Chair : Associate Prof. Yasuyuki Ikegami (Saga Univ.)]
Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion; Wave Energy; Tidal Energy,; Composite Utilization with Aquaculture; Resource assessment and Modeling Monitoring; Economic assessment; Ocean Resource for Energy; Ocean Biomass; Ocean Wind

[Area Chair : Prof. Yusaku Yano (Tokyo Univ. ,AIST)]
Exploration; Geothermal Field; Reservoir Engineering; Enhanced Geothermal System; Power Generation; Environmental Aspects; Heat Pump; Direct Use; Geothermal Frontier

[Area Chair : Prof. Hiroshi Asano (Tokyo Univ. ,CRIEPI)]
Distributed Energy Resources; Smart Grid; Micro-grid; Intelligent Grid; Demand Response; Vehicle to Grid; Advanced Electric Car; Power Electronics; Battery

[Area Chair : Prof. Haruki Sato (Keio Univ.)]
Thermal Energy; Energy Management; Heat Pump; Combined Heat and Power; Energy Conservation; Air-Conditioning; Effective Energy Utilization; Community Energy System; Environmental Issues; Global Warming and Heat Island

[Area Chair : Prof. Akinori Furukawa (Kyushu Univ.)]
Hydropower Development and Utilization; Undeveloped Energy for Human Life; Practical Examples and Field (Model) Tests; Micro & Pico Hydro System