Solar shading

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Solar Shading Essential for Low Energy Buildings

Solar Shading is the key element for improving the energy efficiency and daylight management of existing buildings and optimiising the low-energy designs of new buildings. This technology is still underutilised although it provides a major...

Executive summary of the EPBD Concerted Action study on Cost Optimal Levels for Energy Performance Requirements now available

The executive summary of the study on experiences and challenges for setting cost optimal levels for energy performance requirements, conducted by the EPBD Concerted Action, is now available online.
You can download the report here. See also the relevant BUILD UP publication here.

Kingspan Lighthouse

The Kingspan Lighthouse was launched at the UK Building Research Establishment's (BRE) Innovation Park in 2007 and at the time was the most advanced house ever produced in the UK for mainstream construction. With annual fuel costs of just £30,...

Building envelope: The Kingspan Lighthouse adopted a 'fabric first' approach utilising the Kingspan TEK Building System which consists of SIP panels comprising a rigid urethane core with OSB autohesively bonded on...

Industrial International Convention in Biomimetics

This is an international forum for dialogue between research and industry focused on innovations inspired by nature. Nature offers us outstanding role models and solutions to our problems. Biomimetics is based on understanding the functional...

Keep Cool - From "cooling" to "sustainable summer comfort"

The overall goal of the European project Keep Cool II - "Transforming the market from cooling to sustainable summer comfort" - was to implement activities that reduce the negative impacts from increasing cooling demand in Europe, through an...

The Keep Cool II project, approved under the programme Intelligent Energy for Europe (IEE) and that ended on 31 May 2010, had the following objectives:• Consolidating the market chain of sustainable summer comfort solutions;• Creating...

Energy retrofitting of INPS Headquarters, Rome, Italy - student's works 2010

Slides della relazione del Prof. Giovanni Galanti tenuta il 7 luglio 2010, nella sala Mancini della Direzione generale Inps, a conclusione della seconda edizione del master universitario "CasaclimaBioarchitettura ", organizzato dall'Università Lumsa...

Sonnenschutzsysteme - Klimatisierung ohne Klimaanlage

This brochure published by the City of Wien (Austria) aims to show how solar shading can minimize the cooling needs in office buildings. It provides 7 tips for an efficient solar shading and gives information about the different solar shading...

Benefits of various types of shading and night cooling by vent windows

This report gives the results of a scientific feasibility study about dynamic façades combined with the control of solar shading, vent window and heating, ventilation and air conditioning system (HVAC).