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New tariffs in France for electricity produced from renewable energy sources

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The French Government published on 13 January 2010 new guaranteed tariffs for the purchase of electricity produced from biomass, geothermal and solar by the public electricity grid management companies. For electricity from solar photovoltaic, the tariff is kept at 0.58 €/kWh for systems integrated to the building frame in residential, education and health care buildings. For other buildings (offices, industrial, commercial, agricultural, ...), the price goes to 0.5 €/kWh. Facilities with "simplified integration to the frame" will receive a new tariff, set at 0.42 €/kWh. This new tariff will encourage the development of solar commercial buildings where fully integrated solutions are not always possible. These new tariffs apply only to new projects and will remain unchanged until 2012.

Additional information for other renewable energy sources:

The solar photovoltaic ground facilities will still benefit from a tariff of 0.314 €/kWh. In addition, for solar PV ground facilities of more than 250 kWpeak, the price will now vary from 0.314 €/kWh for the sunniest areas to 0.377 €/kWh where climate is less sunny. For the electricity produced from biomass, the tariff for plants between 5 and 12 MW raises from 0.064 to 0.125 €/kWh. For the production of electricity from geothermal energy, the rate is raised to 0.13 €/kWh (instead of 0.1) in the overseas regions and is fixed at 0.2 €/kWh for the French metropolitan territory.