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A very energy efficient renovation of a house in Besançon (France)

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This 85 m2 house, built in the sixties, has been renovated and extended up to 135 m2. Renovation includes increased thermal insulation of the facades (oudoor insulation) and of the roof, the construction of a South-oriented veranda, new windows upstairs, the installation of a solar thermal water heater, a wood stove in the dining room in addition to the existing central heating system using an oil boiler, a ventilation system allowing to take fresh air from the veranda in winter. The whole renovation costs are of 1100 €/m2.

Lessons learnt

Calculations foresee a primary energy consumption of the renovated house of 78 kWh/m2/year. The annual energy costs should fall from 1553 € (for 85m2) to 743 € (for 135 m2).

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