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Research reports available on Low Energy Housing Retrofit

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The final results of the 3-year Belgian research project 'Low Energy Housing Retrofit (LEHR)' have been published.
The research work was conducted by Passiefhuis-platform vzw, the Belgian Building Research Institute and UCL Architecture & Climat, and was financed by Belgian Science Policy. The work was conducted in close cooperation with the IEA SHC Task 37 on 'Advanced Housing Renovation with Solar and Conservation'.

A comprehensive body of research is now available, starting from Belgian building stock analysis resulting in market segmentation of building typologies. Further, several representative housing renovations were followed-up and documented in detailed project files (in English, Dutch and French), ranging from passive house renovation to phased low-energy housing retrofit. The collected information also led to working documents on building technologies, an architect's guide, a detailed LCA/LCC analysis and report, an innovation inventory, policy recommendations.

The final reports of the project, manuals, building project files, working documents, presentations and videos are now available on

The conference and building fair Passive House 2010, which will take place in Brussels 3-12 September 2010, will dedicate a workshop, technology exhibition and further reference information on low energy renovation.