Das EU Horizont 2020-Projekt CoNZEBs (Solution sets for the Cost reduction of new Nearly Zero-Energy Buildings) kommt in die letzte Projektphase und wird die Projektergebnisse in allen vier Teilnehmerländern auf nationalen Veranstaltungen präsentieren. Die deutsche Veranstaltung, organisiert durch die ABG Frankfurt Holding und den Projektkoordinator Fraunhofer-Institut für Bauphysik, wird am 13. Juni 2019 in Frankfurt stattfinden.
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A large part of the stock of Italian educational buildings have undertaken energy retrofit interventions, thanks to European funds allocated by complex technical-administrative calls. In these projects, the suggested retrofit strategies are often selected based on the common best practices (considering average energy savings) but are not supported by proper energy investigations.  
Post date: 14 Mär 2019
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The SCOoPE Project objective is to reduce energy consumption, by implementing cost-effective energy solutions, at a short term in a range between 10% and 15% directly in 81 businesses in the sectors of crop drying, meat and poultry, dairy, and fruit and vegetables transformation.  
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The European Commission’s latest reports on gas and electricity markets, which cover the third quarter of 2018, contains a wide range of data about supply and usage of electricity and gas in the EU.  
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The CoNZEBs team has completed the activity on the identification of potential cost reductions in the design and construction processes. The scientific partners and the housing organisations assessed the cost related to the design and planning phase according to the specific conditions applying in the participant countries (Germany, Denmark, Italy and Slovenia). Also the temporal development of construction costs for the main categories was investigated.  
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This Topic includes all content relevant to the Theme "Build Value, co-benefits and externalities" and "Technical - economic - politic approach for supporting building stock renovation"
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The EPBD recast established that all new buildings have to reach by the end of 2020 the nZEB target set by the Member States. The scope of this report is to provide a CRAVEzero cost spreadsheet, implementing a comprehensive and structured methodology in order to evaluate the LCC with a particular focus on nZEBs.   Methodology adopted
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The most common way of categorising energy conservation measures is by cost:  
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IEA-EBC Annex 47 Report 3: Commissioning Cost-Benefit and Persistence of Savings  
Post date: 12 Dez 2017
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