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An overview of the current status of implementation and plans for future development of the EPBD in Poland.  The report covers updates to the legislation, certification for residential, non residential and public buildings, quality assurance, training and examinations for qualified experts, inspections, including quality control mechanisms, information and communication campaigns, and incentives and subsidies.  This report is part of the work performed within the Concerted Action EPBD, co-funded by the Community´s Intelligent Energy Europe programme under the contract IEE/CA/0
Post date: 16 Jun 2011
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The focus of the project is to design, integrate and pilot an innovative solution for social housing, using mature and interactive ICT, to enable sustained reductions of energy and water consumption of at least 15% below the current practice, without compromising living conditions, across 300 social dwellings in ten European countries, with latitudes ranging from 56oN to 38oN. This is to be addressed by:
Post date: 28 Apr 2011
Type: News

This specification is intended to be a guide for designing an Active House, as a building that combines energy efficiency with specific attention to the indoor climate and focus on user’s health and well-being. The scope of this specification is residential buildings. The Active House specification is intended to be a guideline for construction and design industries at an international level. It seeks innovative approaches at technical levels whilst introducing goals of architectural quality and environmental design responsiveness and still securing energy efficiency.
Post date: 15 Apr 2011
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CEMBUREAU, the European Cement Association based in Brussels, is the representative organisation of the cement industry in Europe. The Association acts as spokesperson for the cement industry before the European Union institutions and other public authorities, and communicates the industry’s views on all issues and policy developments with regard to technical, environmental, energy and promotional issues. Permanent dialogue is maintained with EU institutions, international authorities and other international associations.
Post date: 31 Jan 2011
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This Community aims at discussing on the challenge of insulating a building from the inside. It disseminates the most relevant publications, technologies and news. In particular, it raises awareness to the building sector on the contribution of product materials to insulate buildings from the inside. This Community is facilitated by  EUROGYPSUM, the European federation of national associations of gypsum products manufacturers.
Post date: 8 Dez 2010
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– Niestety jak dotąd taka czarna lista nie powstała. Zlecający sporządzanie świadectwa charakterystyki energetycznej budynku nie może więc sprawdzić, czy zleceniobiorca nie został wcześniej ukarany – mówi Maciej Robakiewicz, prezes zarządu Fundacji Poszanowania Energii oraz sekretarz Zrzeszenia Audytorów Energetycznych. W efekcie więc na rynku może funkcjonować ogromna liczba błędnie opracowanych świadectw. Co więcej – nie ma mechanizmu, który pozwoliłby usunąć je z obiegu.
Post date: 16 Nov 2010
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UIA (The International Union of Architects) is a professional network that unites architects worldwide. In December 2009 at the UN Conference on Climate Change, COP15, UIA launched their strategy Sustainable by Design to enable the development of buildings, cities and landscapes that meet present and future global requirements. For instance by optimizing efficiency through design, seeking the usage of healthy materials for healthy buildings and aiming to significantly reducing carbon imprints.
Post date: 8 Nov 2010
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Podane w aktualnych normach i rozporządzeniach metodyki obliczeń są w wielu przypadkach bardzo skomplikowane, zawierają wiele często mało istotnych szczegółów a dodatkowo roją się od błędów.
Post date: 29 Sep 2010
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