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Transition Workshop 2020 Roadmaps for resilient decarbonizing cities 13 – 24 Juillet 2020, Genève  
Post date: 3 Jul 2020
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Considerando las medidas de contención de la Covid-19, por favor verifique el último status del evento en el sitio web de los organizadores.   Congreso Ciudades Inteligentes septiembre 15 @ 9:00 am - 6:30 pm Inscripción Presencial y Online  
Post date: 29 Jun 2020
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Post date: 18 Mai 2020
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Sustainable energy Positive & zero cARbon CommunitieS Project description   An inclusive process for the urban sustainable energy transition to smart cities  
Post date: 12 Mai 2020
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The European project URBAN GreenUP has released a digital tool to help cities identify the best Nature-Based Solutions to tackle environmental problems and become more resilient to climate change  
Post date: 22 Apr 2020
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Due to the Covid-19 containment measures, please check the latest status of the event at the organisers’ webpage.   Conference Objective and Philosophical Framework   The International Conference on Sustainable Development is organized by the European Center of Sustainable Development in collaboration with CIT University.
Post date: 10 Apr 2020
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Municipalities and local authorities are at the frontline of Europe’s energy transition, but often struggle to mobilise the financial resources required for sustainable energy investments.  
Post date: 26 Mär 2020
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The IGC – International Greencities Congress brings together all the scientific content of the Greencities Forum through the presentation and exhibition of scientific communications. It is a space aimed at knowledge and new projects that contribute to the development of sustainable and intelligent cities.   Horizon 2030  
Post date: 6 Mär 2020
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Syn.ikia aims at achieving sustainable plus energy neighbourhoods with more than 100% energy savings, 90% renewable energy generation triggered 100% GHG emission reduction, and 10% life cycle costs reduction, compared to nZEB levels. This will be achieved while ensuring high-quality indoor environment and well-being. The main strategy for achieving these goals is to deliver a blueprint for sustainable plus energy buildings and neighbourhoods, leading the way to plus energy districts and cities, through:  
Post date: 12 Feb 2020
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Shaping the ethical dimensions of smart information systems (SIS) – a European perspective
Post date: 10 Jan 2020
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