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OVERVIEW   Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) has existed for a number of years, but in many European Countries it is still not commonly used. What kind of business model innovations will drive uptake of service and performance based contracts? How can the EPC business model be made more attractive to all the parties involved?  
Post date: 25 Mär 2020
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Efficiency First (E1st) is now an established principle of EU energy policy. It has been embedded in various legislative pieces of the Clean Energy for All package in 2018-2019.  
Post date: 14 Feb 2020
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Discover how to succeed in obtaining finance from investors for energy efficiency projects in our next webinar!  Join us on 26th February 3-4 pm CET to find out more! We will compare the perspectives of investors and project developers and explain the differences between how a project developer typically calculates their project margins and how an investor calculates their ROI.  
Post date: 5 Feb 2020
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Unified DR interoperability framework enabling market participation of active energy consumers DRIMPAC MISSION   DRIMPAC “Unified DR interoperability framework enabling market participation of active energy consumers” is a recent project founded by the  EU’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Energy Efficiency Innovation Action. The project, started in September 2018, has a total duration of 36 months.  
Post date: 18 Dez 2019
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A New Model Combining Energy Efficiency and Demand Response   As part of the NOVICE project, Joule Assets Europe conducted a research study measuring the appeal and financial viability of the NOVICE dual revenue stream Energy Performance Contract (EPC), which looks to combine Energy Efficiency (EE) and Demand Response (DR).  
Post date: 3 Jul 2019
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Conference Scope
Post date: 29 Mär 2019
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To limit global warming to below 1.5˚C, net global anthropogenic carbon emissions must reach net zero by around 2040. This task in isolation is both daunting and challenging. However, broader concerns burden national responses to this crisis due to fears of supply disruption, economic instability and the need for greater energy security. In the face of multiple challenges planning for resilience has become an increasingly important global theme.  
Post date: 28 Mär 2019
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The aim of the NOVICE project – over its 3-year duration – is the development and demonstration of an innovative business model for Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) that will provide energy savings to buildings and demand response (DR) services to the grid after renovating buildings or blocks of buildings.
Post date: 26 Mär 2019
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Post date: 26 Feb 2019
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Organized by the H2020 project DR-BOB (Demand Response in Block of Buildings) in collaboration with BUILD UP, the webinar addressed the demand response technology readiness levels for energy management in blocks of buildings.   The webinar was moderated by Giulia Pedrocchi, from BUILD UP, who presented the portal, the project and the speakers.  
Post date: 5 Dez 2018
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