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Embed wants to create the largest and smartest repository for building and technology data from across the UK and the world. Upload your data for private use or make it public for partners and others to view.Embed allows you to:Discover and learn from real data from real buildings – Embed contains a wealth of data including publicly accessible programmes such as Retrofit for the Future. Embed allows you to learn from the process behind a project, view and analyse the performance data and allows you to make informed decisions.
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The concept of "Geo-clusters" is highly relevant to stimulate the potential of energy efficient buildings across Europe. Geo-clusters are trans-national areas where strong similarities are found (i.e. climate, culture and behaviour, construction typologies, economy, energy price and policies and gross domestic product, …). The GE2O project aims at laying the foundations of such a process in Europe.
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The Dutch information portal on the EPBD (energielabel & installatiekeuringen) is a gateway for professionals to find all the relevant information on the aspects of the EPBD, e.g.:Energy Performance Certificate,Energy Performance Requirements,Public buildingsInspection of air-conditioning and heating systems
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"If you can’t measure it .... you can't manage it" – this might be an old management saying, but it's one that Volker Stelzer would agree with. As a scientist at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology's Institute for Technology Assessment and Systems Analysis (ITAS), Stelzer is responsible for developing recommendations for construction professionals from the many individual CONCERTO project experiences in the CONCERTO Premium meta-project.
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As an example, communities can start by gaining an overview of the technologies used in CONCERTO projects, along with the results of the projects, which include highly usable indicators such as CO2 avoidance costs and amortisation periods. Calculating these indicators includes both measured and calculated energy flow, with maximum transparency that assists in understanding how the values have been attained and how to interpret them correctly.
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Mit der CONCERTO Initiative hat die Europäische Kommission, GD Energie, 58 Städte und Gemeinden in 22 Projekten und 23 Ländern gefördert. Die ersten CONCERTO Projekte begannen im Jahr 2005, die letzten enden im Jahr 2014. Die Projekte sind gute Beispiele für Energieeffizienzmaßnahmen in Gebäuden und Stadtteilen.Lesen Sie mehr unter: CONCERTO Initiative.
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The CONCERTO Initiative of the European Commission, DG Energy, has co-funded 58 cities and communities in 22 projects and 23 countries. The initiative has started in 2005 and will last until 2014. The projects are role models for energy efficiency in buildings and communities.To read more about the CONCERTO Initiative, please click here.
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Are you interested in energy efficiency or renewables? Looking for information on projects in your country or in a particular industry? Search the IEE database and find details of 500+ projects financed by the programme so far. The database is updated regularly, so keep coming back.If you're thinking of applying for IEE funding, take a look at existing IEE projects in the database for inspiration or ideas for a possible follow-on project.
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