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We are proud to share with you updated promo materials for the SCORES project.   New edition of the SCORES project brochure. It contains the overall concept and project objectives. You can also read about a demonstration of the integrated hybrid energy system and the impact of the system.   You can find the brochure here.   Updated project presentation.
Post date: 28 Feb 2020
Type: News

On 1 January 2020, the Electricity Regulation EU/2019/943 entered into force. An important part of the new electricity market design, agreed under the Clean energy for all European’s package, the regulation establishes the fundamental principles for an efficient electricity market.  
Post date: 10 Jan 2020
Type: News

Breakthrough solutions for adaptable envelopes for building refurbishment BRESAER will design, develop and demonstrate an innovative, cost-effective, adaptable and industrialized envelope system for building refurbishment. This system will include combined active and passive pre-fabricated solutions integrated into a versatile lightweight structural mesh.   SOLUTIONS  
Post date: 12 Dez 2019
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Smart grid is triggering the transformation of traditional electricity consumers into electricity prosumers. This paper reports a case study of transforming an existing residential cluster in Sweden into electricity prosumers.   The main energy concepts include:  
Post date: 24 Okt 2019
Type: Publication

If solar energy is to meet its potential for replacing fossil fuels, photovoltaic (PV) technology will have to be deployed far more rapidly than it is now. In 2017 solar PV accounted for barely 2 % of global electricity production.  
Post date: 18 Okt 2019
Type: News

Association for digital and decentralised energy solutions smartEn recommends some important regulatory changes that should be introduced in order to foster the development of these valuable flexibility tools in a paper published this week: Design Principles for (Local) Markets for Electricity System Services.  
Post date: 7 Sep 2019
Type: News

This Spring 2019, STARDUST’s Lighthouse city of Tampere networked with various local stakeholders in order to develop the different STARDUST smart urban solutions within the city.   On March 2019, the City of Tampere organised two open events.  
Post date: 27 Aug 2019
Type: News

The University of Chester’s Energy Centre at Thornton Science Park is working with PowerHouse Energy to ‘turn off the plastic tap into the ocean’ to ultimately clean it up. The innovative technology turns waste plastic into electricity and low-cost hydrogen, which can be used for transport fuel. The process takes all mixed waste plastic in an untreated unsorted contaminated form and requires no sorting or washing. This ground breaking technology has the potential to not only create a green fuel but to clean up plastic from the world’s oceans.  
Post date: 29 Jul 2019
Type: News

The energy transition is well under way. The digital transformation, new mobility approaches, new ideas for living in cities and the rising number of prosumers are examples of the ongoing energy transition.  
Post date: 17 Jul 2019
Type: Ereignis

Concept IndustRE has identified the flexibility potential of the industrial electricity demand as an opportunity that - through innovative business models - can facilitate further growth and integration of variable renewable energy, while reducing the industrial electricity costs. In this project the electricity intensive industry in Europe works closely with the renewable energy sector in order to find common ground and create win-win situations.   These business models:
Post date: 15 Jul 2019
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