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In 2018, renewable energy accounted for 21% of the total energy used for heating and cooling in the European Union (EU). This share has increased steadily since the beginning of the data collection in 2004, when the share was 12%. Increases in industry, services and households have all contributed to the growth in renewable energy used for heating and cooling.  
Post date: 13 Feb 2020
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The ResStock analysis tool is helping states, municipalities, utilities, and manufacturers identify which home improvements save the most energy and money. With support from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), researchers at NREL developed ResStock. It's a versatile tool that takes a new approach to large-scale residential energy analysis by combining:  
Post date: 18 Dez 2019
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The energy sector is one of the pillars of growth, competitiveness and development for modern economies. To keep up with the ongoing transformation of the energy sector in Europe, we need data that is accurate and up-to-date.  
Post date: 13 Dez 2019
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Discover the Open Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Data Hub – an initiative that promotes the exploration, analysis, and use of authoritative SDG data sources for evidence-based decision-making and advocacy. The initiative goal is to enable decision makers, data providers, managers, and users to discover, understand, and communicate about patterns and interrelationships from the available SDG data and statistics.  
Post date: 13 Nov 2019
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The study describes the results of a full LCA applied to 24 statistically-based dwelling archetypes, representative of the EU housing stock in 2010.  
Post date: 8 Feb 2019
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EU energy statistical pocketbook (2018 version) provides energy statistics for all EU countries and the EU as a whole, covering areas including energy production and consumption, socio-economic indicators, and the impact of the energy sector on the environment. You can also find an energy profile for each EU country as well as details of each country's progress towards the EU's 2020 climate and energy targets. The publication is divided into five parts:
Post date: 5 Okt 2018
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Diese Publikation gibt einen Überblick über die relevantesten jährlichen Energiebezogenen Statistiken für die Europäische Union als Ganzes und für jeden ihrer Mitgliedstaaten. Die in diesem Taschenbuch enthaltenen Daten stammen aus verschiedenen Quellen: von den Dienststellen der Europäischen Kommission, von internationalen Organisationen wie der Europäischen Umweltagentur und der Internationalen Energieagentur sowie von den Schätzungen der Europäischen Kommission, wenn andere Daten nicht verfügbar sind. Die Publikation ist in fünf Teile gegliedert:
Post date: 5 Okt 2017
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Good beginning of the year for the UE construction activity. The first quarter of 2017 marked by growth in all subsectors.  
Post date: 24 Aug 2017
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Building and Environment Volume 114, March 2017, Pages 178-186    
Post date: 4 Aug 2017
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Post date: 4 Jul 2017
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