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The UN Global Compact has released a set of guidelines to help companies engage in climate policy in a transparent and accountable way that is consistent with their sustainability commitments. The Guide to Responsible Corporate Engagement in Climate Policy, put together with seven leading organisations, sets baseline expectations for companies to provide proactive, constructive input for governments to create effective climate policies. 
Post date: 19 Nov 2013
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Platform 31 is a foundation with 25 years of experience in the (social) housing sector. Since 2010 it has been running the 5-year innovation-implementation program « Energiesprong » (EnergyLeap in Dutch). Platform31 supports professionals and organizations with social, economic and urban issues.  Dissemination activities in training, conferences and excursions are available on the website. There is also information about Platform31, partners, news, and publications as well as an active blog section.
Post date: 29 Okt 2013
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With the publication of the guidance note “Sustainability: improving performance in existing buildings”, RICS offers building professionals best practice on how to make buildings resource efficient throughout their whole life cycle (from location, design, construction, operation, maintenance, to renovation and demolition).
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