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dear all, May I invite you for a visit? The IEE CENSE project (2007-2010) supports the EU Member States (MS) and other target groups. The aim is to achieve better awareness and more effective use of the European (CEN) standards that are related to the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD).
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 This community provides its members with a blog in which all registered users can post their personal articles, opinions, questions and answers related to the community themes. Your point of view is what keeps this community active and dynamic, so feel free to post and respond to others' posts. In the coming period we will gradually add more content to the community. We intend to "learn on the job" how to make optimum use of the new functionalities and how to keep this community interesting for the variety of our target groups!
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The main aim of the Community is to share knowledge, initiate discussions, raise questions and search for solutions concerning new ways in which energy certification can be even better than today. This community will give focused information on various topics (e.g. news, publications, events, FAQ, relevant cases and tools) with specific attention to certification. Furthermore an active and dynamic interaction including discussion is foreseen.
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