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The newly published RenOnBill report provides a detailed analysis of the main data, drivers and challenges involved in the energy renovation of residential buildings in four focus countries: Germany, Italy, Lithuania and Spain.
Post date: 21 Mai 2020
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Due to the Covid-19 containment measures, please check the latest status of the event at the organisers’ webpage.  
Post date: 8 Mai 2020
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Backed by its mission to protect the Pacific Northwest’s natural environment and promote healthy and sustainable ecosystems, the Bullitt Foundation wanted their new headquarters to be built to the highest level of sustainability. They also wanted the building to be a demonstration project that would set a new standard for developers, architects, engineers and contractors.  
Post date: 29 Apr 2020
Type: Fall

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, U.S. cities were reducing building energy use, and at least two factors contributed to that change: the age of a city’s housing stock and the relative size of its low-income population, according to an ACEEE report released today that should help guide local policy decisions.  
Post date: 15 Apr 2020
Type: News

The COVID-19 pandemic is taking a dire health and economic toll across the United States – including on people in the energy efficiency sector. In these stressful, uncertain times, we at ACEEE are doing whatever we can to understand and help address the challenges ahead. Already, it is becoming apparent that the pandemic is affecting the efficiency sector, especially its more than 2.4 million workers, as well as energy use and emissions in profound ways.  
Post date: 14 Apr 2020
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Renewables’ share of total clean energy generation in Europe topped 60% for the first time in the first three months of the year.   That was a standout statistic in the latest quarterly report on the European power generation market from energy data analyst EnAppSys, which also found that the impact of COVID-19 triggered a steep fall in demand and prices in the last two months of the quarter.  
Post date: 7 Apr 2020
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The purpose of the calculator is to build an energy pathway that hits the 80% CO2 emission reduction target at the top of the page. As you get closer to achieving this the arrow will move to the right.   The calculator models what is thought to be physically and technically possible in forty-two different sectors. It is based on scientific and engineering data and was built in collaboration with a wide range of organisations from inside and outside of government.  
Post date: 23 Mär 2020
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In 2018, primary energy intensity – an important indicator of how much energy is used by the global economy – improved by 1.2%, the slowest rate since 2010. This was slower than the 1.7% improvement in 2017 and marked the third year in a row the rate has declined. It was also well below the average 3% improvement consistent with the IEA Efficient World Strategy.  
Post date: 23 Mär 2020
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Are you a budding designer? Are you looking for an opportunity to showcase your talent? Are you concerned about energy sustainability?  
Post date: 29 Jan 2020
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Energieverbrauch in Gebäuden bleibt auf hohem Niveau / Sanierungsrate ist weiterhin zu niedrig / Kuhlmann: "Klimapaket und weitere Maßnahmen können Stillstand beenden, müssen aber rasch umgesetzt werden".  
Post date: 28 Jan 2020
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