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Social housing as catalyst for net-zero energy refurbishment markets

Energiesprong into Action! Social housing as a catalyst for net-zero energy refurbishment markets   Some 50 international partners of Energiesprong gathered in Nottingham, UK during the 24 and 25 of October, 2017 to share good...

Energy efficiency renovation: quality of life must be affordable

“We have to keep quality of life affordable”   Housing Europe President, Cédric van Styvendael has been one of the few non-institutional speakers who contributed to the high-level conference on clean energy financing that was...

Opportunities and obstacles for an energy efficient housing stock

The ongoing revision of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) creates opportunities to strengthen the housing sector‘s contribution to combatting climate change. This does not only mean further requirements for the building envelope...

Dutch social housing stock CO2 neutral by 2050

Sustainability is one of the main topics of the Housing and the Innovation Agenda that Aedes- the Association of Dutch social housing corporations- members agreed upon before the summer. In the coming years, they will make their dwellings more...

A European Perspective on Housing - Summer School for Young Professionals

The housing sector all across Europe has to face key challenges like ageing societies, energy efficiency and digitization or the question of inclusive neighborhoods. Despite different national frameworks, the European exchange of ideas, best...

International Social Housing Festival

‘Affordable housing now, better communities tomorrow’ - The International Social Housing Festival kicks off!   A big celebration of affordable housing for all will take center stage in Amsterdam in June....

Getting our homes future ready: workshop summary

Essential skills and innovative solutions for a fair energy transition - An initiative of Housing Europe as part of the PROF/TRAC project.    Achieving a clean energy transition in the housing sector is a hard nut to crack. Any viable strategy must...

How to reach real energy efficiency of buildings in a cost-effective way?

In order to stimulate the dialogue in relation to the revision of the EED and the EPBD, MEPs, Jakop Dalunde and Fredrick Federley, in collaboration with Housing Europe, the European Property Federation (EPF) and International Union of Tenants (IUT)...

Getting our homes future ready Workshop

8 March 2017, 10:00-17:00,  Venue: House of Dutch Provinces 59 – 61 Rue de Trèves, Brussels   Essential skills and innovative solutions for a fair energy transition in public, cooperative and social housing. An...

How to encourage investment in solar energy

Within the PV Financing project, Housing Europe has contributed to highlight the specific nature and potential of the sector as beneficiary of the investment in solar energy. European guidelines to help investors, public authorities and housing...