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SMART-SPACE - Smart Sustainable Public Spaces across the NWE region

PROJECT SUMMARY   NWE faces a great challenge to shift towards a low carbon economy by 2050. Municipalities play a pivotal role, as they account for 70% of the NWE energy consumption and CO2 emission. Especially, standard public...

BIPV boost project

BRINGING DOWN THE COST OF MULTIFUNCTIONAL BUILDING-INTEGRATED PHOTOVOLTAIC (BIPV) SYSTEMS   BIPV market uptake has been hindered in the past years by the difficulties of the industry in providing holistic solutions complying with...
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BUILD UP News Alert 6 April 2021


CUBER project

Copper-Based Flow Batteries for energy storage renewables integration Innovation for energy storage renewables integration   The search for competitive energy storage is linked to the transition towards renewable energy solutions....

ECOLOPES project

ECOlogical building enveLOPES: a game-changing design approach for regenerative urban ecosystems Urbanisation constitutes a major environmental issue of the 21st century. Within cities, densification, the decrease of green open spaces, and a...

CBE - Center for the Built Environment

Mission   Their mission is to improve the environmental quality and energy efficiency of buildings by providing timely, unbiased information on building technologies, design and operation strategies.   CBE believes that research...

EPEA - Environmental Protection Encouragement Agency

Since EPEA GmbH was founded in 1987 in Hamburg by Prof. Michael Braungart, it has developed into an international innovation partner for environmentally friendly products, processes, buildings and urban districts. Our goal is to establish the Cradle...

Expert Interview - Michael Moradiellos del Molino, Head of Real Estate at EPEA Benelux

Environmental Impact of Construction Materials Graduated Architect from ISAVH in Brussels, Michael Moradiellos also holds a PHD in sustainable urban planning and has co-founded several companies. He is an expert in Circular Economy and Cradle to...

Have your say in shaping the future of big data in building sector!

As the places where we live and work, buildings are the natural interface between citizens and energy, and the places where the energy use patterns of tomorrow are shaped, from sole energy consumption to self-consumption and demand management.   It...

Smart buildings

This community aims to discuss all trends, barriers, challenges and opportunities related to the deployment of smart buildings. It addresses in particular topics such as: the development, testing and implementation of the Smart Readiness Indicator,...