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Webinar | Calculations with the set of EPB standards - Introduction and overarching calculation procedures

Webinar 7 – Example calculations with the set of EPB standards – (1) Introduction and overarching calculation procedures (12h00 – 13h30 – 6th October 2020) Following the successful first series of 6 webinars on the Energy Performance of Buildings...

OVERVIEW | Architecture 4.0

This overview explores the concept of Architecture 4.0 and its relation to digital information and communication technologies. It is important to emphasise that the digital transformation, as described by the European Commission, is characterised by...

Webinar | Are architects ready for the digitalisation?

Are architects ready for the digitalisation? DigiPLACE - Building up a digital framework for the AEC sector DigiPLACE is a EU-funded project running from September 2019 until May 2021. The project consortium is developing a...

EPC RECAST project

Energy Performance Certificate Recast To reach the EU decarbonization objectives, it is urgent to trigger more investments targeting energy retrofit for buildings. Introduced at European level since 2002 within the Energy Performance of Buildings...

PHOENIX project

Adapt-&-Play Holistic cOst-Effective and user-frieNdly Innovations with high replicability to upgrade smartness of eXisting buildings with legacy equipment PHOENIX aims at changing the role of buildings from unorganised energy consumers to...

RoundBaltic project

RoundBaltic - Promotion of Smart Finance for Smart Buildings in the Baltic Region with focus on Poland, Latvia and Denmark A main objective of the RoundBaltic project is to provide framework and catalyst for energy efficiency investments, incl....

BAPAURA project

Building energy retrofitting Assistance by Public authorities in AUvergne-Rhône-Alpes Objective   National and European energy savings in the building sector at small and medium-sized municipalities are not being met. Currently...

BuiltHub project

Dynamic EU building stock knowledge hub Objective   The detailed knowledge of building stock features and performances has a potential positive disruptive effect on the ability of the EC to design effective policies targeting...

Webinar | Heating systems in the EPB standards

Webinar 6 – Heating systems in the EPB standards (12h00 – 13h30 – 8th September 2020) Following the successful previous webinars   “Guidance and examples for the EPB standards’ flexibility”, “EPB standards overview: why, how...

Expert talks – Armand Paardekooper Overman, Associate Architect at Mecanoo

Check the link to watch the full interview! The 8th edition of our Expert talk hosts Armand Paardekooper Overman, associate architect at Mecanoo. He is also a founding partner of fUSE Architecture and, in 2014, he founded the real...