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What do green and digital have in common? – Waste heat!

These two words have been coupled a lot to talk about the transition to sustainable societies with the EU Green Deal or in the context of the recovery from the global pandemic. They define the aspirations of cities and their citizens, combining two...

How to utilize district heating for cooling in a smart way

This text describes a demo case from the Flexi-Sync project where excess heat from a cooling process has been harvested and used in the district heat system of Berlin. Energy providers and property owners can both benefit from an innovative cooling...

The Impact of Construction Automation on Sustainability

The pandemic caused increasing eco-consumerism. A housebound lifestyle exposed various individuals to their waste generation habits, sparking a need for sustainable solutions. Many homes adopted energy-efficient smart technology and other automated...

[Webinar] How can I centralise the data of my product suppliers?

Have you ever searched for a BIM object without knowing where you and your colleagues could have put it?   With Onfly, no more wasted hours searching for the right Revit, Archicad or other formats in your old projects, on your server or on free...

Peer-to-peer platforms – Shaping a democratic energy model to boost renewables

Prosumers are people who both produce and consume renewable energy. New peer-to-peer platforms allow them to share, sell or donate their power surplus to other citizens. This system is becoming crucial for residents of protected historical areas who...

Passports to defend the rights of the building materials

The construction industry is a major source of pollution and building materials should not be wasted but recycled. Architect Thomas Rau even proposed a UN Declaration of Material Rights in this respect. New material passports aim at bringing...

Week for Sustainable Mobility and Climate

The Week for Sustainable Mobility and Climate #SMDC2021, at Dakar, the event co-organised by 3 partners committed to sustainable mobility in developing countries and to the fight against climate change at the local level: Climate Chance, CODATU and...

Heat pumps in district heating systems

This article focuses on the integration of large-scale heat pumps in future district heating systems. The combination of district heating and heat pumps are foreseen to have a key role in the future energy systems and future district heating systems...

More than 200 local & regional stakeholders are getting ready for 2050

The GET READY FOR 2050 event series was concluded this 1st June morning after hosting its third and final session. Let's go back to an intense and interesting programme. Several high level EU initiatives and EU projects focusing on support to local...

Putting End-Users First

Understanding customers’ perspective when developing low temperature DHC networks There is an EU ambition to create “Energy Citizens”, which will be actively engaged in the decision-making process of choosing the means of energy supply as well as in...