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TightVent Europe newsletter issue #01 - May 2011


International Symposium on Superinsulating Materials

Array The energy and environmental challenges ahead of us are tremendous; a reduction of the heat flow through opaque building elements remains a top priority. This is not only the case for new buildings but even more for existing buildings.Whereas...

The Tools: Policy MapTrack rating & disclosure policies worldwide at the national, regional, & municipal level. Document Library...

A Guide to Energy Efficient Ventilation

The following paragraphs give a brief summary only of the detailed contents of this publication:Contents:Chapter 1 Rationale and Background to VentilationChapter 2 Indoor Air Quality and ComfortChapter 3 The Energy Impact of Ventilation and Air...

Global Buildings Performance Network

About Global Buildings Performance Network We have a short window of opportunity to achieve significant greenhouse gas emission reductions and we have a sector that can deliver them. The building sector is the single biggest...

IBPSA - International Building Performance Simulation Association

MissionIBPSA has been founded to advance and promote the science of building performance simulation in order to improve the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of new and existing buildings worldwide.VisionThe building industry, without...

ISIAQ - International Society of Indoor Air Quality and Climate

ISIAQ was founded in 1992 by 109 international scientists and practitioners following the 5th International Conference on Indoor Air Quality and Climate, Indoor Air '90 (Toronto, 1990). It is an international, independent,...

DYNASTEE - DYNamic Analysis, Simulation and Testing applied to the Energy and Environmental performance of buildings

The DYNASTEE Network (DYNamic Analysis, Simulation and Testing applied to the Energy and Environmental performance of buildings) is an informal grouping of organizations actively involved in the application of tools and methodologies pertinent to...

CLEAR-UP Clean and resource efficient buildings for real life

European researchers are increasing the energy performance of buildings and making them more comfortable for their occupants.Clear-up, a 12M€ project, is supported by the European Commission to apply new developments in...

ABAA - Air Barrier Association of America

ABAA is the center of excellence in the air barrier industry. The association’s long term strategy revolves around three intertwining goals. First, the association seeks to raise the standard of proficiency in the industry through the ABAA On-Site...