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Petra Colantonio

Project Manager, FENIX TNT s.r.o. (Private (SME or independent))
Czech Republic

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The DOMOS Project

The domOS project is 36-months research financed by the Horizon 2020 programme of the European Union (EU) aims at developing and prototyping technologies for the digitalization of existing buildings.   Digitalized buildings...

POWERSKIN PLUS - Walls Energizing Buildings

PowerskinPlus project has been featured in the autumn edition of the European Energy Innovation magazine!   Read the article HERE.


Concrete is the world´s most consumed man-made material. The environmental impacts associated with cement (and thus concrete) production are a cause for concern: global cement industry is responsible for at least 5% of global carbon dioxide...

EnDurCrete project: Promo video

The EnDurCrete project is a newly launched research project supported by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 programme for Research and Innovation which started in January 2018 with a duration of 42 months.   The project consortium is led...

ENDURCRETE Project: 3rd newsletter

We would like to share the third newsletter of EnDurCrete project.    In this edition you can take a look to demonstration site updadate, learn more about environmental and economic viability of the novel products. You can also read about project-...

SCORES Project: Promo video

We are happy to share promo video of SCORES project.    What is the SCORES project?     SCORES optimizes self-consumption of renewable energy and defers investments in the energy grid. SCORES is a gamechanger in the European energy transition...

CREATE Project: 7th Newsletter

We are happy to share seventh project newsletter.   In this edition will introduce the final video which reflects on the 4 year-long CREATE project journey and showcases the project results.  You can also get to know more...

THERMOSS Project: 5th Newsletter

THERMOSS the final project newsletter!   We are happy to share the final newsletter of the THERMOSS Project. This fifth edition will introduce you the final video of the project and demo sites. You will also find a list of...

SCORES Project: 3rd newsletter

We are happy to share with you the third edition of the SCORES project newsletter created by FENIX TNT.   In this newsletter we will introduce the REDOX thermal battery system and show you the update of the SCORES demo site. You can also...

ENDURCRETE project: Promo materials

We are proud to share with you updated promo materials for the ENDURCRETE project.   New edition of the ENDURCRETE project brochure. It contains the map of all the demo sites. You can also read about ENDURCRETE key concept which is based on...