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IUSES educational kit

The kit includes: 3 student´s handbooks on energy efficiency in buildings, transport and industry 1 teacher´s guidebook power point slides for teachers multimedia animations instructions for creating and using a low cost experiment kit...

Sun Tools

Design Tools Sustainable By Design provides a suite of shareware design tools on sustainable energy topics: SunAngle the premiere tool for solar angle calculations SunPosition calculates a time series of basic solar angle data...

Informe de conservación del Edificio y Evaluación energética (Building Conservation Report and energy evaluation)

Refurbishment guides for inspection and intervention are needed by the current stock of residential buildings for several reasons. Some of these are: - In Spain, housing construction between the 50s and the 80s underwent an unprecedented...

My Smart Energy Home – Das neue Online-Spiel für kleine Ökoprofis

My Smart Energy Home wurde im Rahmen des von der EU geförderten IEE Projektes 10Action entwickelt.

New: IT-Toolkit for Energy Efficient Retrofit Measures

Content of the Toolkit The IT-Toolkit offers support in different ways, e.g. by providing reports and guidelines, an interactive performance rating of energy uses, more than 70 exemplary retrofit projects, structured similarily to a...

Neu: IT-Toolkit für energieeffiziente Sanierungsmaßnahmen

Inhalte des Toolkits Das IT-Toolkit bietet dem Anwender Unterstützung in unterschiedlichen Formen, so z.B. durch Berichte und Leitfäden als pdf-Dokumente, einen interaktiven Vergleich von Energieverbräuchen, mehr als 70 beispielhafte...

ENERGUY - the game

Foglio excel per calcolare il risparmio energetico dovuto all'isolamento termico o sostituzione infissi

Quelle Energie

Cool Roofs toolkit

Handy calculator that converts from one energy unit to another

Degree Days.Net

Audytor OZC 4.8 Pro

Podane w aktualnych normach i rozporządzeniach metodyki obliczeń są w wielu przypadkach bardzo skomplikowane, zawierają wiele często mało istotnych szczegółów a dodatkowo roją się od błędów. Wieloletnie doświadczenie naszej firmy oraz...

Behaviour tool for secondary schools : IUSES


District heating tool

HVAC Commissioning

Building EQ - Tools and methods for linking EPBD and continuous commissioning

The BEQ tool focuses on step 3 (FDD and optimization) and step 4 (monitoring) of the procedure. Correspondingly, it offers the following features which can support these steps: Data handling: General features for storing time series data...

Carbon Estates - CADmeleon - Energy Efficiency and Carbon Management Software

Light Bulb Selector: Energy saving light bulbs - Better light with less energy

How to use the bulb selector: 1. Select your parameters – in the green upper half of the selector, drag the light bulbs to the desired criteria. Click the grey light bulbs if you wish to search for the corresponding criteria. 2. View the...