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Simplified Building Energy Model

SBEM was developed by BRE, on behalf of the UK government, as the default energy calculation tool for non-domestic buildings under the EPBD National Calculation Methodology. It is used a) in demonstrating compliance with minimum...



Heat, Air and Moisture simulation Laboratory






ADELINE provides architects and engineers with accurate information about behaviour and the performance of indoor lighting systems. Both natural and electrical lighting problems can be solved, in simple rooms or the most complex spaces....


This tool calculates characteristic indicators for the construction, such as linear (or point) thermal transmittance or the matrix of thermal coupling coefficients (i.e. boundary conditions independent results). AnTherm facilitates...


Methodology of Energy Measurement and Estimation of Annual Energy Consumption of Lifts (Elevators), Escalators and Moving Walks

Programy wspomagające projektowanie instalacji sanitarnych SANKOM


Calculation per European Standard EN 12831

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Dolnośląska Agencja Poszanowania Energii CERTO

AnTherm (Analysis of Thermal behavior of Building Constructions with Thermal Bridges and Vapour Diffusion)

  AnTherm provides totally new capabilities for evaluating building envelope elements or even whole buildings with particular attention to thermal bridges and (optionally) vapour diffusion. It provides modern three dimensional...

Italian Benchmarking Tool

A little tool meant to promote the building energy consumption awareness among the italian users of social networks. Going through a simple procedure integrated as a Facebook application, users of social network can get a hint at the...

Online Energy Check for home builders (including online renovation)

This is how it works: Model your home step by step on the computer (takes about five minutes). The Energy Check computes your energy consumption and your energy index in relation to the Austrian average (= benchmark for the Energy...

A programme for thermal energy calculation and certification of buildings

LESOSAI 6.0 is a programme for thermal energy calculation and certification of buildings comprising one or more heated or cooled zones. It is designed primarily for building and thermal engineers and architects. The software supports...