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The networking as a main principle of the National Platform POWER HOUSE Bulgaria

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NETWORKING in Bulgaria

This article is an excerpt from the National Platform POWER HOUSE Bulgaria Newsletter available both in English and Bulgarian.

POWER HOUSE EUROPE - The big green housing exchange ( is an initiative led by CECODHAS Housing Europe - The Federation of Public, Cooperative and Social Housing ( supported by the Intelligent-Energy Europe programme.

The construction and successful operation of the National Platform Power House Bulgaria led to the establishment and strengthening of organizational structure and interactions:

  • Horizontal linkages comparable in character and actions to partner organizations such as energy agencies (Energy Agency of Plovdiv, Black Sea Regional Energy Centre, SOFENA) and NGOs in the field of social integration as Habitat for Humanity;
  • Vertical linkages with institutions, policy makers in the sector such as local and central authorities- the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works, Energy Efficiency Agency, Energy Efficiency Fund, Sofia Municipality, Pernik Municipality, Belene Municipality;
  • Mediation relationships between end users and specialist suppliers of building services and energy efficient equipment.

New Union of Associations of Homeowners
The project has set up a support panel with the Union of Homeowners Associations (CAC). It was called to assist, train and support all existing and future homeowners' associations in Bulgaria on issues of energy-efficient maintenance and management of their homes. Another area of activity is consulting help desk support space for various activities related to the renovation and management of residential buildings in the condominium property. The basic principle is the combination of transversal consultancy, professional support and learning based on which CAC provides support in the following areas:

  • Consulting services and expert support to homeowners and their associations;
  • Training for energy efficient renovation and subsequent maintenance of existing and future homeowners associations;
  • Consultancy for implementation of projects for energy efficient renovation, management and maintenance of residential buildings by current and potential institutional and individual members of CAC.

What we need to learn from European Counterparts
Bulgarian organizations - participants in the project would like to have an expert assistance from its European partners to carry out renovation of residential buildings in respect of:

  • Existing national and regional programs for residential renovation - legal, financial and organizational aspects;
  • Making the necessary relationships with public and private sectors that are relevant to this process;
  • Preparation of a preliminary program of requirements as basis for housing renovation projects;
  • Implementation and monitoring activities in residential sanitation;
  • Expert assistance for the management of contractual relationships;
  • Needs assessment and preparation of tenders;
  • Calls for tenders, contract management, implementation and monitoring of contracts;
  • Expertise for providing training on voluntary or professional property managers in residential buildings in the condominium property.