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Cost-optimal ways to Nearly Zero-Energy Buildings

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The international workshop aims at showing a variety of ways in which cost-optimal nearly zero-energy buildings in neighbouring European countries are defined and methodically described. For this reason, international experts were invited to give lectures. In addition, the European network "Concerted Action EPBD”, in which Germany leads the corresponding core theme, discusses the topic. Furthermore, practical examples will be presented to underline which boundary conditions are very influential on the economic success of nearly zero-energy buildings and where economical and technical limits of the wide implementation of corresponding standards are. This concerns in particular how the step from already practically implemented solutions of a smaller market segment to a wide, routine application of such standards and technical concepts can be taken. All participants are welcome to contribute to the workshop during the discussion!

The international workshop on Cost-optimal ways to NZEB in Bonn, Germany is organized by the Federal Office for Building and Reginal Planning (BBR), German partner in the Concerted Action EPBD.

27/09/2011, Start: 10.00 a.m.

All participants are welcome, seats are limited. Fee (including lunch and coffee) is 40€.

Registration and Agenda will follow soon.

Workshop language is English and German. Translation will be provided.

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Sara Kunkel
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