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AICARR International Congress: Systems, Energy and Enclosed Environment. Toward a sustainable Comfort

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This annual congress of the Italian professional HVAC- organisation focuses on suitainable technology for heating , ventilating and air-conditiong of buildings.
Array The First Plenary Sessions,  will include
lectures by invited international and national experts who will present papers on the
following themes:
- The problem of energy in the building industry
- Sustainability, environment, energy efficiency: the LEED protocol
- Energy qualification of new constructions: possible standards
- Target 20/20/20: forecasts for the future in buildings.
- Re-qualification of the existing spaces: systems and envelope
- District heating and cooling: particular aspects related to the
re-qualification of buildings and reduction of emissions in the urban environment
-  Efficient use of energy in cultural heritage buildings
- Tri-generation as a sustainable alternative to independent production
of building air conditioning
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