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Energy Efficiency of Buildings Assessment of Energy Performances of the Serbian Building Stock

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The assessment of energy performances of buildings has been carried out by structuring a national catalogue of the existing buildings. Within the catalogue, a characteristic building typology for Serbia will be defined, together with the descriptions and characteristic elements of the building structures (construction, envelope, wall types, windows, ceilings, roofs, heating systems), and the energy performances of these elements. Simultaneously, for all the distinct buildings from the typology, different forms of renovation of the building structure and applied built-in systems will be proposed in order to reduce energy use. For the basis of creating such a catalogue, the following will be used:



  • A study carried out at the Faculty of Architecture at Belgrade University, as part of a scientific research project Energy optimization of Buildings in the Context of Sustainable Architecture within an investigation was performed about the building properties in the Belgrade area;
  • The results of the project TABULA, in which a unique methodology was defined for structuring a national typology of buildings in the majority of the European countries;
  • Data from the census in 2000, and 2002, as well as from the census that will take place in April 2011
  • Research in local archives;
  • Research in the field, where data is not available;
  • Mathematical modeling and calculations.