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Approval of the EN-ISO Energy Performance Buildings (EPB) and EPB EN-standards

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On last REHVA journal, Jaap Hogeling has announced that the series of 17 EN-ISO Energy Performance Buildings (EPB) standards and 29 EPB EN-standards passed the Final Vote last week of January 2017 and will soon be published.


This set of EPB standards will be the basis for the Energy Performance Buildings assessment in Europe.


If the MS’s regulators seriously respect the outcome of the vote of the CEN and ISO community, where professionals, industry and other stakeholders gave their opinion and advice, their implementation in Member States seems a question of time.


What will this mean for the future? More harmonisation of the EPB assessment procedures which will have an impact on the harmonisation of the product and system requirements for energy relevant products used for buildings and their HVAC systems.


The existing EPBD (Energy Performance Buildings Directive), currently under review, and the Eco-design Directive connects already product declarations to finally Building Energy Performance certificates. This  accommodates the holistic building and system approach.


Having the new series of EPB-standards available is a first step, implementing them needs dissemination actions at the level of building regulators as well in our professional community.



The complete editorial of Jaap Hogeling is available in REHVA Journal February 2017

Approval of the EN-ISO Energy Performance Buildings (EPB) and EPB EN-standards