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Going beyond zero

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Going beyond zero - A systems efficiency blueprint for building energy optimisation and resilience


This report, released by the Alliance to Save Energy, is the “Systems Efficiency Initiative (SEI) Year 2 Report”. The document builds on the findings in the SEI Year 1 Report: “Greater Than The Sum Of Its Parts: The Case for a Systems Approach to Energy Efficiency”. It contains a series of findings and recommendations for specific actions to be taken by a range of stakeholders, including national and state legislators, government agencies, utilities, industry associations, design professionals, the construction industry and building owners themselves.


The report is divided into four main sections:


  1. Key building systems and their interactions (lighting and daylighting, hot water, motor systems, waste heat recovery, miscellaneous electric loads, dynamic and passive integrated facades)
  2. Direct current (DC) power distribution
  3. Grid-edge and district energy systems (combined heat and power, district energy systems, buildings-to-grid integration)
  4. Cross-cutting strategies (modeling and metrics for building system energy performance, integrated project delivery, benchmarking and disclosure, workforce development, building energy codes, public sector leadership and incentives)

The full report is freely accessible at the relevant “Alliance to Save Energy” webpage.