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Zero Emission Green Building Kirstein & Sauer

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The office and commercial building was realized as a zero-emission building. On the basis of a high-quality heat protection and a very efficient system technology, the energy saving regulations (EnEV 2009) are undercut by 65%. Due to the additional use of a photovoltaic system of 180 kWp on the roofs of the building, the remaining primary energy requirement of the building is completely covered. Over the year more energy is generated than consumed! A ventilation system with heat recovery, a district heating system with a low primary energy factor and a floor heating and cooling system can be mentioned as essential technical features. These components are controlled by a sleek but cunning building automation, which ensures an optimal room climate and a low energy consumption at all times. This makes the building a perfect example of an economically successful combination of comfort, flexibility and environmental protection. (...)

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