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Lotissement du Canal

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The project concerns the construction of a settlement area for the Travelling Community. This social project will provide accommodation for six families from the Travelling Community. The aim is to propose a settlement area for people who are usually nomads.
Thus, this experimental project organizes housing modules which can be autonomous but the project does not seek to replace the caravans.

These modules offer minimal accommodation that is complemented by the proposed project.

The homes were built on land that was owned by the City Hall, located at the exit of the town of Sury-le-Comtal. The land adjoins the reception area of ​​Travellers. It is located 10 minutes walking distance from bus lines, shops and schools.


The sustainable approach of SODIHA (social worker SOLIHA Loire) has therefore focused on two aspects:
- energy efficient buildings: the frame meets the requirements of the RT 2012 with the establishment of enhanced insulation, efficient heating with pellet stoves, thermodynamic water heaters, housing is also flexible in time and respect to the harmony of the site.
- a process of appropriation and empowerment of the people.


Moreover, accompanying behavioural conduct by the social worker SOLIHA Loire aims to teach families how to control their consumption of water, heating, to limit their spending (...)

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