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What is Topic of the Month?


In Build Up we want that everyone feels involved. That is what the Topic of the Month is for, so all the community can contribute with articles, events and much more under the same topic. 


This month of June our topic is 'Energy communities'​​.


Which content is related to the topic?


  • Renewable Energy Communities 
  • Citizien Energy Communities 
  • Demand Response, prosumers, and peer-to-peer energy trading schemes
  • District networks and energy storage
  • Smart grids

Here you have the remarkable contributions of this month:


Overview Articles


renewable energyOVERVIEW| Modular and industrialised solutions for building renovation.  The 2020 Building Global Status Report for Buildings and Construction speaks about global shares of 35% and 38% of the final energy and the emissions, respectively, for the building sector in 2019. By improving its energy efficiency, the total EU energy consumption could be reduced by 5-6%.


Expert talks


expert.jpgExpert Interview - Ulrich Filippi Oberegger, Senior Researcher at the Institute for Renewable Energy (Eurac Research).  Ulrich Filippi Oberegger is senior researcher in the Energy Efficient Buildings group at the Institute for Renewable Energy of Eurac Research. He is an innovator on data-driven methods and tools for building stock renovation strategies and human-building interaction.




Flexibility services in the zero-emission smart grid: market models, regulations, actors and technologies.  This webinar explores the role of different actors, regulations and market models, and digital data and technologies in the provision of flexibility in energy demand that is so critical for the transition to a zero-emission energy system and smart grid.


Efficient Buildings Digital Days.  The Efficient Buildings Community is proud to present its Digital Days. The online event aims at moving forward the discussion on the post-Covid-19 recovery, on sustainable transition and on the role of public buildings refurbishment.


Deep Retrofit Community of Practice: Highly ambitious regions and projects across Europe.  his webinar features also one-stop-shop projects, to offer a complete outlook of the sector. In addition, it looks at replicating and expanding upon the work of diverse actors, while driving the innovation and implementation of the deep retrofit sector and the associated value chain of stakeholders.




4RinEU Deep Renovation Game. 4RinEU launches an online game to teach young students the benefits of deep energy renovation. What does deep energy renovation mean? How can I manage the budget to renovate my home? What are the most suitable technologies? Play and find out! 


GridRule tool. GridRule is one of the COMPILE projects tools that enables the community managers (aggregators, micro-grid operators, etc.) an operation and management of the local grid within network limits. It sets up the coordination of individual community members and enables the optimization of the whole community energy needs. 


“Open Online Course (MOOC) - 4RinEU project. The course introduces the basics of deep renovation in residential buildings, though some modules are applicable to any kind of building. The student will be able to get a grasp of energy efficiency in buildings, and how to achieve a deep renovation project based on passive and active technologies. 




original.jpgHeat pumps in district heating systems. The combination of district heating and heat pumps are foreseen to have a key role in the future energy systems and future district heating systems are predicted to have a larger number of heat pumps installed in the grids compared to today.


original.jpgPeer-to-peer platforms – Shaping a democratic energy model to boost renewables. Peer-to-peer (P2P) platforms allow energy sharing and trading within a community without the binding mediation of the traditional big utilities. Users are not just consumers but also “prosumers”, who produce energy from their own sources such as rooftop solar panels and electric vehicles.


original.jpgTake off the energy renovation in buildings. In a European context, the QualDeEPC initiative has elaborated several proposals on the energy certification of buildings and deep energy renovation. One of the proposals that gained great acceptance in all project countries has been the creation of a digital platform to promote the energy renovation of buildings.




A New Era of Public Power: A vision for New York Power Authority in pursuit of climate justice. CLCPA establishes that 35–40% of the investment-led benefits to decarbonizing the state’s energy system should go directly towards disadvantaged communities. This report proposes that the New York Power Authority (NYPA) play a key role in implementing this ambitious and equitable plan.


A systematic intervention approach for the integration of energy-efficient ventilation system in historic buildings. Ventilation in historic buildings is very important to foster health and comfort of the occupants as well as for the conservation of the building structure. Moreover, energy-efficient ventilation can significantly reduce energy consumption.


Towards a healthy renovated Europe. The publication includes some insights concerning the hidden costs of Europe´s decrepit buildings, the multiple benefits of renovated buildings in Europe and what is needed. Building renovation stands out as the only option to improve Europe’s inefficient and polluting buildings, with massive benefits to the environment.




resalta.jpgBOTA project. The Bota Solar project reinvents the building facing Rogier square in Brussels. On top of the Bota Solar building, an urban park will be integrated under the solar structure. Visitors have access to a green oasis covered by a magical solar roof. With a little bit of fantasy, one could imagine standing underneath a starlit sky. Quite an experience with a 360° view of old Brussels!


resalta.jpgLuče Energy Community – a rural Slovenian municipality setting an example for others. The Luče energy community was established as a demonstration pilot within the Horizon 2020 project COMPILE, to show the opportunities of energy islands for decarbonisation of energy supply, community building and creating environmental and socioeconomic benefits.




sykesThe COME RES project.  The project aims to facilitate the market uptake of renewable energy sources (RES) in the electricity sector. Specifically, it focusses on advancing renewable energy communities (RECs) as per the EU’s recast Renewable Energy Directive. COME RES takes a multi- and transdisciplinary approach to support the development of RECs in nine European countries.


sykesCities4PEDs project.  n Cities4PEDs the cities of Brussels, Vienna and Stockholm collaborate with experts from research, innovation and citizen participation to jointly investigate how cities can adapt and use their planning and implementation instruments so that urban development results in neighborhoods that produce more energy than they consume.


sykesThe eNeuron project.  eNeuron will develop a set of pioneering tools for the optimal design and operation of multi-carrier energy systems. To achieve this, we will map regulatory and technical bottlenecks with existing LECs before building new use cases and business models for use at different scales.



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