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Third IEA Global Conference on Energy Efficiency

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IEA Global Conference on Energy Efficiency

IEA Global Conference on Energy Efficiency

The IEA’s third Global Conference on Energy Efficiency will take place in Paris with ministers and high-level government officials, business leaders, financial institutions and civil society gathering from over 40 countries to advance the dialogue on energy efficiency, with a focus on action and delivery of scalable, impactful efficiency policies and programmes.


Proceedings will be informed by the most extensive analysis the IEA has ever conducted on energy efficiency. Energy Efficiency 2018, the latest in the IEA’s energy efficiency market report series, will be released on 19 October. For the first time, it will also feature a World Energy Outlook Efficient World Scenario (EWS), which sheds light on how energy efficiency can reduce global energy demand by 2040 across all key economic sectors while delivering multiple non-energy benefits.


Please note this event is by invitation only. For more information, contact, or join the conversation at #energyefficientworld. 

Overview of the Programme


The first day of the conference is devoted to thematic panel discussions featuring global efficiency leaders, who will explore in detail some of the most current and critical efficiency topics exploring, notably: changes to energy systems, notably through decentralisation and digitalisation; economic and social challenges, and how efficiency can play a role in terms of delivering greater energy security, job creation and development opportunities in both developed and emerging economies; the role of cities and regions in enabling and delivering energy efficiency programmes and policies; and financing energy efficiency.


The second day of the conference is dedicated to ministers, CEOs, as well as the leaders of international organisations and NGOs, who will share their perspectives on the importance of energy efficiency for their countries and organisations. The day is structure into four sessions, as follows: Governmental Perspectives, featuring several Ministers and an African Union Commissioner; Business Perspectives, featuring Chief Executive Officers from leading global companies; Global Insights, with senior leaders from governments, international organisations and NGOs; and a Fireside Chat, with an esteemed panel of global dignitaries. 

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