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The RentalCal Tool

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RentalCal tool - Rentability Calculation of Energy Efficiency Investments.

The Horizon 2020 funded RentalCal project (European Rental Housing Framework for the Profitability Calculation of Energetic Retrofitting Investments) aims to improve market transparency for energy efficiency investments in the rental housing industry. It does so by providing a benchmarking tool for transnational profitability assessments of such investments.


The RentalCal Profitability Calculation tool is a wide-ranging, straightforward tool providing an open and objective comparison of the retrofit opportunities available to investors in the residential rental market. The tool adopt established methodologies and valid input parameters to evaluate various energy retrofits and costs of such investment opportunities.


The RentalCal Tool consists of three parts:

-In the first part, the basic information to understand and apply the tool is provided to the user. This includes a comprehensive presentation and a video tutorial.

-In the second step, the necessary input data for the profitability calculation is requested from the user.

-For the third step (output data), the tool calculates the profitability of the investment in question and displays the results to the user. This also include a feature enabling sensitivity and probability analyses of the relationships between the input data and the output data.


The webtool is available at http://webtool.rentalcal.eu/.

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