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Sans-Souci project, Brussels, Belgium

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The Ixelles municipality of Brussels gave new life to a sizeable and unstructured inner space of a large city block with the development of a housing and equipment complex with outstanding sustainability and energy efficiency performances.


The Sans-Souci project is remarkable for its scope and for its scale of intervention: the plot is about 300 meters long and 100 meters wide, which is equivalent to the area of 3 classical-small-size city blocks of the Brussels.


The project is in fact an urban piece of the Ixelles municipality of Brussels that completes and reorganise a high-density piece of neighbourhood. Within the city bloc, there are multiple housing units, schools, shops, parking facilities; and there were a series of warehouses in a difficult coexistence because of their poor spatial organization. The will of the municipality of Ixelles was clear: the stake was to create a new sustainable district able to give new life and to reconnect the adjacent buildings and surrounding streets.


Beyond the construction of the 28 energy efficient housing units, the educational restaurant and the development of a semi-public outdoor space, the Sans-Souci project thus takes on a role of a sustainable and federating masterplan.


Social housing ownership was favoured -with the participation of the regional “Housing Funds”- through a community land trust financial scheme.


The 4 housing blocks are Passive House Certified buildings.

Large photovoltaic installations allowing NZEB performance.

Comprehensive on-site water management devices, including drainage landscaping, roof rainwater retention and grey water recovery.


Brussels region "Batex" 2013 project
Public Housing – Belgian French Community Public Procurement Prize 2017


Programme: Public space, Housing, Equipment
Client: Ixelles Municipality
Brut floor area 6212 m²
Budget 7,274 M € before taxes


Energy consumption:
Space Heating Energy Demand: 15 kWh/m². year (standard building: 106 kWh/m².year)
Air Tightness Value : 0.6


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R2D2 Architecture



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Τρίτη, 20 Σεπτέμβριος, 2016

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PHPP 2007: Passive House Planning Package

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